Automotive Ethernet PHYs

10Gbps to 1Gbps

Product Overview

Ethernovia’s scalable range of automotive Ethernet PHYs support full duplex communication over a single twisted pair of cable to distances exceeding 15m. Our PHYs are the only devices in industry to support 10Gbps to 1Gbps in a single device and can be configured to operate in 10G BASE-T1, 5G BASE-T1, 2.5G BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 modes as specified by the IEEE 802.3bp / 802.3ch standards.

For use cases where 2.5G BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1 are required, we offer a range of products that are pin / footprint and software compatible with our 10Gbps – 1Gbps product family. This means a single ECU design with the flexibility to scale between a 2.5G / 1000BASE-T1 solution to a 10G BASE-T1 solution by updating just the PHY component.

Manufactured in an advanced 7nm process geometry that integrates class defining features enabling the lowest power with highest automotive safety in the industry. Developed according to ISO26262 our PHYs exceed the rigorous automotive requirements for functional safety that is required in today’s automotive networks where mission critical information is transported.

A number of advanced features are integrated that provide design margin above and beyond the automotive industries requirements for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) covering both emissions and susceptibility.

Product Name 10G 5G 2.5G 1G Single Port Quad Port Yes Product Brief
ENT11100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ENT11025 Yes Yes Yes
ENT14100 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ENT14025 Yes Yes Yes